30 March 2012

A future for gay Egypt?

Lesbian and gay Egyptians express their concerns for the future and suggest a way forwards:

The gloom is not universal, however. Kareem, the writer of a gay blog in Arabic, thinks that there is a chance to chance the gay, bi and trans community in Egypt for the better.

He commented on failed plans for an LGBT protest at Tahrir Square, the heart of Cairo and the center of the revolutionary struggle, on 1 January that the timing hadn’t been right.

But he does suggest another way forwards.

‘The first step should be based on the work of associations or centers, or any form of organization which supports LGBT people and is socially acceptable.

‘They need to work directly or indirectly, by whatever means is available legally, to create social activities for homosexuals to give them an outlet and inspire confidence in themselves. They need the chance to accept themselves for who they are and help to grow as individuals.

‘This work would give LGBT people the feeling that there are others who share their concerns and their problems and care for them, and will be beside them in times of legal and social requirements or sickness.

‘Email campaigns should begin to explain that the gay community is real. This should then transform into community awareness campaigns on the ground to change the negative image of gays in society.

‘This will show, through messages of tolerance and acceptance of others, that homosexuality does exist everywhere, and they are human and they are social forces that must be taken advantage of.

‘Repression is dangerous psychologically and socially for the whole of society. That should be stressed and that is done by shining a light on the honorable homosexual figures that have contributed and affected the society and the world and participated in building the human cultural heritage.

‘After all those steps we could come out openly, as the road will be paved in front of us. But coming out now is not the proper step.’

Gay Star News

My Arabic Article

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